My Gang...    

Me in a politically correct hat,
celebrating "The Handover"JUNE 30 1997
Harri Josephine Ashford
Born 27/06/1989
In the snow, Pyrenees. 
April 1996 
Morgan George Ashford
  Born 26/07/1993
Brisbane 2000
1st Day at St.Margaret's
April 26th 2000
Grandparents 2000
Brisbane April 2000
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Harri, in the snow.
Le Tour DeCarol    April 1996
Valley of the Kings  Oct. 1996
Morgan, Shanghai and Harri.
SaiKung  March 1997
Being an Arab, Ramadan, 1996
Ephesus, Turkey  Oct 1997
Kos, Greece   Oct 1997
Morgan and friends
Al Ain 2005
TimTam and Vegemite
A young TimTam
Harri and Sparky
UAE, 2004
Muscat, 2008

Hong Kong 1999
School  uniform. Feb. 1997
Lantau Island 1999

In the garden, Bahrain. Sept. 1996
Cycling on the roof.
Saikung  Feb. 1997
The Gang. .......having a cool one
on the Champs Elysee   April 1996
Macau, March 1997
Tangiers, 1996

Euro Disney
Flat broke in Toulouse

Afternoon tea with an Orangutan
Singapore Zoo
On The Great Wall
China  2002

A brief career ...
Modelling, Hong Kong.

Swakopmund, Namibia
Microlite over Victoria Falls
St.Margarets 2000